The UWC Community

One of the key ingredients that makes UWC so awesome is the diversity of the people that come from, literally, all over the world. It is also the diversity of the types that come too that make it a great event for any type of ukulele person.

The Beginner – Lots of folks have just gotten the ukulele bug, and just want to be around people who love it as much as they do. The great part? Newbies will be cheered on and encouraged as much as longtimers. Maybe even more? Make a mistake on stage? No worries, just take a breath and try again!

The Musician –  These people are by and large professional musicians. They come to hang out and play with everyone, and usually end up teaching people some new stuff. The musicians that come know that there are a ton of us that are not that good, but they love to play with us and lead songs and blow us away when they get on stage.

Makers/Sellers – Although Mainland Ukes puts this on, other makers and vendors are welcome to come as long as they don’t sell anything. It’s a great place to talk to folks about different ukuleles and nerd out.

Clubs/Groups – I would say that UWC is a major reunion event for Ukulele Underground members. A lot of the people that come are part of the UU and come to hang out with and play with all the crazy people they chat with throughout the year.  Others are from the UWC facbook page, or local clubs. Lots of clubs camp together in compounds. They are all super friendly, so don’t hesitate to pull up a camp chair and sit a spell.

Players –  While at the field it is a constant group jam. Someone picks a song and everyone plays and sings. Sometimes they play uke or dare. One person sings then points to the next person to play, if they don’t , they have to do a dare (Everyone plays usually). at some point this is what you end up doing if you play ukulele.

Spouse/friends – People that do not play ukulele…..yet. Since this is a haul for some they bring a friend or a loved one on the trip. They don’t play ukulele when they get there, but I would say about 50% do when they leave. They usually are standing and watching or in the crowd waiting for their person to get on stage to make sure they clap the loudest.

Kids/Young/Old – There is an age range from 7-97 that come. It is a different experience for all of them. The Young peeps and the blue hairs (Old people) mingle and intertwine. If you are a young shy person or a loner old goat, you will not hang out or meet a lot of people, but if you are a crazy energetic young thing like Bonita, then you stay up til 4am. Age makes no difference at this thing.