Children at UWC

Should you bring your kids? Yes, maybe, no, I guess it depends on your family. This is not Disney world. It is not setup for kids. There were kids there, and they had a good time, but if you don’t think your kids should be exposed to some adult things, like swearing ), people drinking in excess, or people enjoying various things that they can smoke (Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, whatever is hand rolled and passed around a circle) then I would not bring the kids.

At 10pm that the songs become adult themed. Also by that time the beer has started to kick in and it does get a little looser. It’s a good time to head to the back field where lyrics are more muddled, or to an offsite cabin.

There is an unwritten rule around the field that kids should be respectful of the adults. Don’t be surprised if your child is redirected if they are rude or destructive. And don’t be defensive if a child is returned to you if they are in need of some parental guidance. There are many kids that have grown up on the field – they know where to find all the cool geodes, and they’ve grown up to be super interesting people. It can be a grand place as long as you have realistic expectations.