What is UWC?

UWC is a yearly festival put on for free in Needmore Indiana by Mike and Tootka Hater of Mainland Ukuleles, along with a small, but enthusiastic group of volunteers. Folks have been streaming to the field since 2008 when Mainland Mike first issued an invitation to camp there. It’s an organic event, with very little structure. The only things that are scheduled to happen are the Friday potluck and the open mic that goes from 5pm-ish, the group picture on  Saturday, and a final open mic. The rest of the time on the field is spent gathering with friends and jamming. Believe us when we say that it’s the friendliest community that you’ll ever happen upon.

The main rules are:
No dogs
No drums
No drama
No firearms or fireworks
No littering
Open mic: 2 songs, no sneaky stuff

Where is UWC?

It’s in the middle of a field in Needmore, Indiana, just outside of Nashville.

Where do people stay?

You’ve got campers and cabiners.